School lessons

Students are taught on board and on shore. Classes focus on the curriculum of the fifth year of secondary school and the itinerary: History, Politics and Economics convey the knowledge and understanding of the global context. Geography, Biology, Physics and foreign languages are not merely looked at in an abstract manner, but put into practice during the voyage. German, Arts and Music contribute to processing the experiences. Mathematical subjects are applied during navigation.

Lessons are shaped differently according to varying aims:

Conventional classes
Students are taught in the most important subjects of the fifth form curriculum in order that they are able to continue with school at home after the voyage. A number of topics and facts of these subjects are experienced at first-hand during the trip.

The contents of the projects are closely linked to topics at sea and on shore. They are part of the students‘ everyday life and can be experienced by them as important factors. Thus the motivation for learning and studying as well as the sustainability of learning is increased. Studying draws on scientific techniques to prepare the students for higher education.

Individual studying and new media
In their free time the students can revise the subject matter independently, with the teachers giving advice and support. The use of new media intends to establish a connection to schools at home. At the same time media literacy is fostered.