Summerschool Science

Pupils in 7th to 9th grade spend 11 days of their summer holidays on the three-masted topsail schooner „Thor Heyerdahl“. They are involved with everyday life on a tall ship, have daily lessons in a MINT-subject of their choice (maths, physics or chemistry) and discover scientific of technological connections in active experimental learning situations. They will also take part in a two day excursion on the Danish Sea by rubber dinghy. The language spoken on board is German.

In addition to the general goals of the summerschool program, we particularly want to encourage and support the pupils with the mathematic or scientific learning content of their MINT-subject. Through experimental learning the pupils will be able to connect the learning content with their experiences on board. Abstract information will be a lot easier to grasp and can be applied to other subject areas and to their future professional life. The pupils will be studying their subject in its original context, which will motivate them to be curious and develop an interest in science and technology.