Bermuda – by Lena

lenaBermuda – if I think about Bermuda, I think about houses with white roofs, a beautiful landscape and I also think about my family and friends at home.
After ten days on the sea we arrived in Bermuda. My first thought was: „What a beautiful island!“ On the whole island there are little houses in different colors with white roofs. There are also many green trees, colorful flowers and other plants. Just a beautiful view! The water is turquoise and dolphins are jumping out of the water.

After cleaning the ship we could visit St. George’s. St. George’s is just a sleepy town with many little stores and crooked streets. There are not many people on the street and you often meet other KUSis or members of the sailing project „school at sea“ because it is very small and there is not much business on the streets. It is that small that on one day we could visit the whole town. The most important places for us are the supermarket and the Wi-Fi zones. The last possibility where we could contact our families was in Panama so the delight with the Wi-Fi was very great. In front of every store with free Wi-Fi you could see boys and girls sitting with mobile phones and computers. I also phoned my family and it was just a great and wonderful feeling.
One disadvantage of Bermuda are the prices. Goods have to be imported on the island that’s why the prices are very high. We don’t have as much money as we want because of our limited budget, so you think twice before you buy an ice cream for five dollars.

But what did we do on Bermuda except shopping and skypeing? On two days we had school lesson in a „normal“ classroom, this was a very strange feeling. On the other day we visited Hamilton, a bigger city on Bermuda. One group rode with bikes to the Dockyards in the south of the island and the other group went the same route by ferry. There we changed our means of transport. Marie, Sarah, Steffi and me also visited a church in Hamilton. The church was very beautiful and we enjoyed the silence. Every KUSi also bought pullovers and T-shirts with the Bermuda- logo on it in Hamilton.
The ship of the other project „school at sea“ lay next to the Thor and the students of the Regina Maris (their ship) invited us two times. One evening there was a cinema on their schooner sail and on the other evening they made a barbecue and we ate together. On this evening there were also students of the school sailing ship „Spirit of Bermuda“ and it was very interesting to talk about the different projects and to visit the other ships.

All in all the stay on Bermuda was a great experience and it is just a beautiful island with very nice and friendly people.