Student’s meeting (Schülerversammlung) – by Sarah

sarahThe ship’s bell rings.

One after the other, all students of the project „classroom under sail“ enter the mess room of the ship „Thor Heyerdahl“ and sit down at the tables. Two of them walk into the middle of the room and start to speak: „Welcome to the eleventh student’s meeting!“ – „Today we have many topics to discuss: At first, we are going to create the new watches. Then we will talk about who is going to be in a sleeping room with whom…“ – „…after that, we elect the new student’s moderators. And at last, we’ll have time for other things, if you have some points that you would like to discuss.“ And so, the meeting begins.

Every Friday, we get one and a half hour, to work on projects, problems or other topics that affect us. For example, we have to discuss the land program. We also decide about consequences, when something doesn’t work as it has to.

There are two pupils who are the so-called “moderators”. They lead the meeting, represent the students in front of the crew and cooperate between the students and the project manager or captain. The moderators have to be organized and structured. Furthermore, they should be open for the rest of the group and able to listen well, if someone isn’t satisfied with the situation in the group or doesn’t feel fine because of something.

How ever, the moderators do not decide alone, they only organize everything. Finally, the group is responsible for every decision that is made. Everybody can speak openly and tell the others if something disturbs them. Everyone’s opinion is tolerated and the students listen well to the others.

Sometimes, those meetings are more funny than helpful, but most of them are productive, and the pupils can speak constructively about topics. This time among students is really necessary for us and helps to have a regulated daily way of life on board all together.