posted by Luca
posted on 05.12.17

Many people directly associate the captain or the first mate if they get asked about jobs aboard a ship. But aboard there are many other interesting jobs besides the captain, like the engineer, the boatswain or the provision master. In these three different jobs we all have the possibility to get an insight by doing an internship.

Every pupil could make a wish which internship he/she wants to do. So after dividing us in our internships, the first group starts with their internship. It takes three days, but you only work every second day because the other days are “school days”. Now you will be given a little overview what we have learned in these three days.

By doing an internship as a provision master, you have a very interesting area of responsibility. That’s the reason why I have done this internship. The tasks you have to do is plan the menu by calculating the amount of ingredients and look for them in the dry store, the cold store or the freezer room. In addition, you have to have an overview about the provision, so you check fresh fruits or potatoes to prevent mould and sort the ones out that have to be eaten soon. Having enough time you will have the chance to get some special tasks in the galley, like preparing a nut – nougat – creme without any palm oil, our “Thortella”. Personally, I can say that the provision master has a very interesting and exciting job because you get an overview about everything that has do do with food and household items like washing powder etc.. These are essential for a good mood aboard. In the three days of my internship, I have gained experience and my personal higlight was preparing the “Thortella”.

Since we are driving without engine so far, you could think the life of an engineer could be boring. Wrong. There are many things you have to do, being an intern as an engineer. As we always need electricity, the engineer starts and stops the generator and looks after everything that has to do with electricity. You also check the stock of fresh water and service the osmosis machine, which produces our drinking water from the sea water, so that we can drink, cook and shower. So you also arrange fresh water for 50 people. All in all, being an engineer onbard a ship is a very extensive job.

But since we are sailing (without an engine), the focus lies on the sails. And there is one person who could repair everything, the boatswain. That’s the third and last internship aboard. It’s not only about sails, in general your task is everything that hasn’t to do with electricity or the engine. So you do many wood works and take care of the rigging. He/she also arranges that we can sail safely across the Atlantic Ocean by checking the safety aboard.

Finally, one can say an internship on a ship is very interesting and instructive. The jobs which we could get to know are very important for ships and it’s not only the captain or the first mate. The chance to get a look in these topics is unique.