Grenada – A Different Lifestyle


Author: Lukas
Date: 16.12.18

This text is about our stay in Grenada, where we stayed for five days.
We arrived in St. George´s, the capital city of the island, at the 11th of December.
At half past six, the pilot arrived. The job of a pilot is to help navigating the ships driving through dangerous ore complicated areas. In our case, we got the help to get into the port.

After mooring, a lot of different things needed to be done. This included for example setting up the sun sails or packing the sails so that they look good. My personal job was to fix the KUS banner in the rigging, that shows who we are. After we finished our work we got our phones so we could contact our families and friends after a long time. After getting our phones everybody just chilled at the bar because there was the best internet.

On our second day of our stay we had a bit more free time than at the day before.
It started with a lovely breakfast followed by the information, that we get a sight seeing tour through St. George´s lead by Renée. She started at the town´s library and showed us interesting spots and places. Furthermore, she told us something about the history. The end of the tour was next to the market, where most of the students went, but it was not a market that we know from Germany, where you have a particular price for something. In Grenada you ask for the price and if it is too much money for you you can suggest another price. Maybe it will be accepted, maybe you get a different offer. This process goes until you get a price, that is ok for you. Another nice attraction of the city is the chocolate museum. There is a man who shows people how chocolate is produced. After the introduction we kept on talking with the man and he told us a lot of his culture and traditions.
The day ended on the Thor Heyerdahl with a Turkish evening, that means that we got Kebab as dinner. That made the day almost perfect. The next day of our stay was my personal favorite day.
The plan was to make an expedition in small groups to different places.
I was in a group with Jule (my English teacher), Jonas (a very good friend of mine) and Zorra (it was her birthday). Our target area was in Grenville, in the North East of the island, the Mount Carmel Waterfalls.
To get there we needed to go by bus for an hour. However, also going by bus is completely different than in Germany. Even finding the right bus is complicated because every bus driver you ask wants you to go by his bus. The buses here look like old family cars with the only difference, that there are more than fifteen seats in there. The bus only leaves when every single one of the places is used. After our bus tour we started to hike through the jungle. I mostly liked the great nature there with all the fruit and plants. But if we are honest: The big waterfall was not the best thing, because if one followed the water down the waterfall, you saw kind of a small lake where you could swim. One could also slide down the water that ended in the lake. That was a great fun. Especially Zorra showed her competences by jumping down from the rocks into the lake.
In the evening we had a presentation, where every group showed what they did on this day.
The idea of the next day was to prepare the ship for sailing again. That means, that broken things needed to get repaired and we also changed our sleeping rooms for the next period. It was a very hard and long day, but in the end everybody was happy with the things he or she had done.

The last day was a bit less hard. We only needed to clean the whole ship so that we could live there for the following time. After cleaning, we could visit the city a last time ore to some other activity.
I preferred to play frisbee with some friends. I think in the end of the day everybody was looking forward to going sailing again especially me.
On the next day it was finally time to leave. Everybody really enjoyed the time on Grenada,
but we are sailors and our place is also the ocean.