At the Wharf


For some of us the journey already started at 6 am in Munich. We all were really tired, but happy to see everybody again. It was quite a long coach ride, but we all had a lot of fun. After a good dinner and a short night in the youth hostel, we all looked forward to see our new home for the next half year, the Thor Heyerdahl.

On the next day we joined the former Kusis and all the volunteers who already had been working on the ship for 10 days. At the wharf we repaired and prepared the ship. The next three days all the students were divided in groups. Every team was responsible for parts like painting the ship. Unluckily it was raining, but our painting crew still did a great job. One of the most important tasks was to help Ruth with all the documents. As all of us were looking forward to leave the harbour on Saturday, we also cleaned up the engine.

Our food team organized to pack the ship with a lot of things to eat, so that no one has to be hungry. For our trip in Cuba, our parents donated a lot of things the people there need. For example toothpaste, pencils, clothing, shoes and more. But that also means a lot of work to sort all the things. For our Cuba bike tour, all of us brought bikes. One group was responsible to check and repair them. One of the most popular task, was to sort the library.

Every student had to bring 2 of his favorite books and films, which we put in the library. Another important thing was to check all the board computers. On Thursday all of us wanted to move in our new home. That’s why one challenge was to clean the ship and all the cabins. But apart from all the challenges we had until Friday when our parents came, how did going away from home for 7 months and sailing through the world feel like? Here are some small interviews with our students where you can have an insight of our thoughts and feeling.

Lea: „At first I was really tired when we started in Munich but really happy to see everybody again. All the Kusis are so nice. I‘m a little bit excited but mostly looking forward to start this big journey. My only fear is that all the tasks we have on board, like school, sailing, cooking and cleaning are too much at the same time. But I‘m totally motivated to challenge myself.“

Nico: „The farewell wasn‘t that hard for me because I knew, that everybody is really nice. I was excited to see all the new countries and learn sailing on such a big ship. My biggest fear is to disappoint the crew with our meals in the galley or that no one has anything to eat.“

We hope that you have a better impression about how we feel, what we are scared of and what our hopes for the next year are. Now we are all excited to leave Kiel harbour on Saturday and begin the adventure of our life.