by Lukas

„What does seasickness feel like?“ That’s what I asked one of the former KuSis on the information evening two months ago. The answer came very fast: „You feel like you’re dying, but you don’t die. In this moment I could’nt imagine she was right! For the people who have never been on a ship I want to explain it. Seasickness is a complex process in the body and outside. But don‘t worry! Here is my personal seasickness advice for you!

Mostly the process of seasickness starts like this:

First you feel like a lawnmower which gets a stone into the knives. In the next moment you do a fast move (the stone has ruined your „cutting machine“ right now). After these two points everything goes very fast. You’re looking in panic in every pocket of your clothes for a plastic bag. After recognizing that the bag could be everywhere on the ship but not in your clothes you make a great jump like these cats on youtube seeing a cucumber. Now every second is important! Run as fast as possible to the next railing. Done? Congratulations! The next step is to let everything out of your body. Please puke leeward! If not and the wind into the right you will get a new make-up. Important advice: only through the mouth not through the nose! For the people who find a bag in the last moment the green brown liquid in the bag is more than fishfood! There are so many interesting things you can see! For example the breakfast, your last chochlate and more. In moments like these Ruth’s lovely sentence is: „Now you can see what’s in you“! And by the way you can also see how much was in you. But attention, it isn‘t over yet. Now you have to clear the bag. The content is for the fishes. Don’t throw your bag away! These are plastic bags.


If you always stick to this seasickness advice nothing should go wrong. But it is important to know: Suffering from the seasickness is a good sign of your healthy. Seasickness is the result of a crazy balanceorgan:

Seasickness is only a thing in your head! Right and false! When the former KuSis told me that it happens in your head they meant something different. There is the balanceorgan in the head. It is located on the end of the ears. As the result of the movement of the ship the balanceorgan feel crazy. „All load over bord!“, is the order from the brain. Goodbye lunch.

So you have to say in the end seasickness is the wife of some sailor: forever at your side. But you mustn’t lose the hope. After 2-4 days the seasickness is gone (for the first time).

On the Thor there happened many funny moments with seasickness. There was a pupil who was looking forward to the seasickness but he never got it. He felt dizzy and bad standing on the railing waiting for the moment in order to feed the fishes. After a while I asked him why he didn‘t use the fingers. But he said he wanted to puke with style.

Nobody ever thought that seasickness would be a group thing, but in the end it brought us closer together. I hope the seasickness will be gone soon. It‘s not funny to sit lonely at a table, while everybody else is throwing up over the railing.