Our stay in Grenada


by Elive

In the morning of the 21 of December we anchored in Grenada. The view that consisted of just a few lights in the night altered to an absolutely fantastic green island as soon as it got morning. All over the hills there were colourful houses that made us already curious for a visit of the city. The pilot that helped us with getting our ship into the marina arrived at 8 o’clock am. Of course, we were ready for our visitor, we had prepared coffee and orange juice and hoisted up the pilot flag for him. Afterwards he steered us into our marina place which was quite crazy because directly next to us there was a very expansive great yacht. It was twinkling and there seemed to be about 10 workers who were cleaning it all over the day. But of course, there is no ship more beautiful than the Thor.

To make sure that our ship is not just the most beautiful but also the most cleaned up ship we did our weekly big cleaning action after the arrival in the marina. Sadly, after a few days of holiday with beach and reef and not that much motivation to do an enthusiastic cleaning, everything was dirtier than usually and so we needed more time than originally planned. The moment we finished lunch was ready so we sat down for a break and later we also got free time to spend in the pool or in the city and, of course, to use the marina WIFI and call our family and friends at home.

One group directly stormed to the pool, another one already had their mobiles in the hand and started to check messages or call their families. Me and a few others wanted to see something of the city first so we used the first dinghy shuttle and arrived at the peer in the early afternoon. We walked around and enjoyed all the narrow streets and houses we were able to see. We chose not to use google maps or generally our mobiles because it was more fun just to look around and find nice places randomly. And it was exactly like that: soon we had a great view from the top of one of the hills and were able to see a market in the valley. Of course, we walked down and had a look. At the booths we found next to touristic stuff like sunglasses, clothes, sun cream, hats, magazines and shoes also the offer of doing nails and making hair (for example dreads).

But the further we got into the market the more traditional got the goods. We found a big collection of spices, fruits, and nuts. Also, we were able to talk to the dealers who were absolutely friendly, interested and curious to know something about us, especially because we looked very different to all the natives. So, we also had to pay the touristic prices but it was so fun to choose all the spices and little packages that we did not really care about. When we finished our shopping and walked a bit until we saw an absolutely sweet café and chose to take a break. While drinking our cool juices we were able to repeat all the impressions we already got and to enjoy the relaxed vibes that spread the city.

To be back on the ship on time we started to walk back to the peer and arrived perfectly to get the dinghy back. Now we looked forward to call home. While driving over the water to our marina the smell of San George got less, but as soon as we packed out our spices on board a little bit came back and is hopefully going to stay until we are able to show them to all of you at home.