Holidays at the reef – by Bene

benedikt„Look over there! Did you see this fish?“. At the moment we are at the Tobago Cays having holidays. The day starts like always with breakfast at about eight o’ clock. It is really amazing to sit at the table, see the beautiful islands with the beach and palm trees and to think that in less than two weeks it’s Christmas Eve! Actually you don’t have the same feeling as when you are at home making Christmas pastry and all the other stuff you are doing normally in this time of the year. But let me tell you more about „another day in paradise…“.

When everybody has finished breakfast we have to clean the ship. Each watch cleans the ship at the station they are assigned to in this week. The different stations are: wash- and restrooms, cargo-hold, messroom and companionways and deck. After this is done there often is a presentation from one of us. For example about the topic ‚the reef‘. Now it’s already eleven o’ clock, so we can go to the beach or where ever we want to go. Everybody packs their things and jumps into the dinghy. Then we leave to the beach. If anybody wants to snorkel at the reef, the tour goes on to it. When we arrive there we get 30 minutes time to get impressed by all the corals and fish. That’s really amazing!!!!! You can see animals in nearly every color from blue to yellow and even in pink. There are also many different forms of fish. Some are round, others are like a triangle and again others have got funny fins on their body. But you don’t have to go to the reef to see all these beautiful fishes. Even at the beach you can see different kinds of animals. In the water there are fishes, rays and even turtles. And when you go a little bit inside the island there are plenty of nice birds and other exotic animals.

When I saw this place for the first time, I thought that we were in a travel magazine. But it was real!!!! I am really curious whether there is a big difference between the underwater world here in the Grenadines and at the San Blas Islands in Panama. I’m sure you can read this in one of the next daily reports.
Many Caribbean regards to everybody and a merry Christmas time!