A long day for bikes – by Berny

bernhardIn the early hours of the day, the bikes awoke slowly. They had dreamed of a long journey out of a country called Germany. In their dream they had been taken by different people and had been transported to a harbour. There they saw a beautiful sailing ship and the best part of the dream was that they were put into it.

Now, after the teenagers had brought them on land, they were looking around interested and were surprised, how different everything was. The trees looked really different from what they were used to, the grass had another colour, even the streets were not like the ones they knew. And it was hot! So hot! Most interesting was the beach next to them with the sea and back there on the horizon again the ship, on which they had passed the night.
The bikes were glad that the teenagers had repaired them and had made them able to move with them again, because on the ship the crew had put some things away from them like, for example, their wheels. Now they were ready for a long day and the long trip.
From the conversations of the teenagers they knew that their surrounding was called Maria la Gorda. Then they started to move. It was fun driving through this strange landscape with the teenagers. The stops were good at the beginning, but later they preferred just to go on driving. Everybody sweat a lot and the butts were burning. For lunch they reached a place called Laguna Grande. They gained new energy and continued riding. Then they ate pizza and bought new water for the pupils.
While riding around, they saw many things. The green fields of a tobacco farm with a house made of leaves from palms and some wood. Boys and girls with their school uniforms. Every school level has its own colour. Also often on the walls something is written about the revolution or a definition of the revolution or some sentences which Fidel Castro or Ché had said like for example ‚Hasta la victoria siempre‘.
At coffee time they reached Pinar del Rio and after that it was really easy, because the teenagers rode to a school to communicate with the pupils there and to learn the language of them better.
This happened a few times, the teenagers had a good time there and learned also a lot about the culture of the pupils and of the country.
After dinner they made a short trip to Viñales. There the young people had a great time riding horses and visiting a tobacco farmer. They had also a presentation about tobacco. At the market the teenagers bought some souvenirs and ate again many pizzas. Then, before it was night, they returned to Pinar del Rio to the school. Then it was time to say goodbye, because the bikes stayed there with the pupils of the school as a gift. It was hard to see the teenagers going away after such a good time. But it’s not that bad, because now it’s getting dark, the night begins and the bikes can sleep and they dream of their long day with the teenagers. They will often remember this beautiful journey through the country called CUBA.