Sailor traditions – by Linus

linusAfter six months on this vessel I would say we can call ourselves sailors. Of course we have got, like true sailors do, sailor traditions. Today I will tell you something about some of these.
We have got many traditions, also small ones. For example, the 12 o’clock typhon. Everyday at sea the watch one does the 12 o’clock typhon. Exactly at 1200 GPS time and god bless you if you forgot it. After the four second typhon one person rings four double times at the fore ship’s bell. If the galley is in time they can ring directly after this for lunch.

I can say that food plays a big roll on board. It is really important for the mood of the crew. Every Thursday and Sunday is “Sailors-Sunday”. That means on those days we have special food. For breakfast we have baguette, egg and Nutella. That’s a nice way to start the day.

In my opinion Saturday is the best day in the week. It starts not that got. It starts with “groß Reinschiff” which means that the vessel has to be cleaned. After every watch has cleaned their station the ship’s council goes around and looks in every little corner and controls whether everything is well done. After this the ship’s bell rings and everyone goes up to the poop deck. There the ship’s council tells us what we can do better next week. After this everyone can present a cultural event, for example, sing or read a poem. At last the captain gives a toast and everyone gets at tasty drink.
I hope you know now a little bit more about our life on the Thor Heyerdahl.