The Bermudas – beautiful British islands- by Pia

Schueler.piaActually we haven’t seen much of the Bermudas. Only Hamilton, St. George’s and the coastline, when we arrived. Anyway, I’d like to tell you as much as possible about our experience. But first of all: we survived the Bermudas Triangle.

The first thing we recognized on the Bermudas were the roofs of the houses, every single one is white and has a special form, which nobody of us had seen before. The houses themselves are painted colorfully.
During our stay at the Bermudas we were at the harbour of St. George’s and we had enough free time to discover the little city, which is build in a British style. Definitely the most important place for many of us was the marketplace, where we spent our free time to call our families. Next to this place is the harbour and the town hall, a really beautiful building.
While walking through the streets, we found some supermarkets and sweet shops. Those shops sell everything you can imagine. Books, bracelets, soap, perfume, clothing, drinks and so on. On the Bermudas everything is expensive, so we couldn’t buy all those things. But there was one thing we all wanted to have – a Bermuda sweater – and we found a lot of them. We also bought millions of sweets, because we need them to survive the North Atlantic and in Cuba we couldn’t buy anything.
On March 6th, we had a little tour through the city. Lara played our tour guide and showed us around. We learned how the city was founded and visited a pretty church, made of shipswood.
The day before we went to Hamilton, the capital of the Bermudas. We went there by bus and played something like Treasure hunt. Karla, Leonhard and Lena had prepared some questions for us. If we answered correctly they showed us, where to go. If it was wrong we received a punishment. In the afternoon we had free time and discovered the city in little groups.
In addition to this, there were two other special events which were organized for and from us. Next to our ship was the Regina Maris, the ship of the project “School at Sea“. We had a barbecue together. We prepared meat and many different kinds of salad. They brought chips and things to drink and we ate together. We also had some music to listen to and some photos to watch. We danced the whole evening and all night long. And we talked and talked and talked, about everything that has happened during the last months.
The second event was a film evening. We had four films to choose and we decided to watch “World War Z“, a film about zombies. We met outside in front of our ships and watched the films with a projector. The students of “School at Sea“ prepared popcorn, cookies and hot chocolate. It was a long evening and afterwards everyone fell asleep soon.
But my highlight was March 7th, my birthday. From six o’clock in the morning to two o’clock in the evening I was working in the galley and made delicious apple-walnut-muffins. The whole day was a shipswork day and everyone did something to fix the ship for our journey across the North Atlantic. After that, I helped to store the food. In the evening we had free time and Marie and Karla prepared a birthday present for me. When we walked through the city suddenly they stopped and sang „Happy Birthday To You“. I was really surprised because I never had expected this. Afterwards we ate cake and drank fresh tea.

All in all our stay on the Bermudas was wonderful. Everyone got the chance to do, what he or she wanted to do and now we are on the direct way to the Azores.