Cabin Life – written by Kira

Version 2Today it is really horrible. You know, one week ago all the teenagers here still were careful and knocked if they wanted to come in. So I was prepared when someone used my handle. Now they just come in. If a wave smashes against the boat in the moment they roughly open me, they even fall against me.

Oh yes and everything was clean behind my back. No shoes I always squeeze when one of the teenagers opens me. The floor was cleaned from hair and dust and all the shelves were tidy, each sock had its place.

I totally agree with you, but it is the same every year. When Detlef comes on the first Saturday to check the cabins nobody even stands a chance not to fail the first control, because he does not know exactly how it has to be. The shelves have to be tidied up perfectly, the clothes must be folded and the school books must be stored neatly, moreover everything must be sea worthy so that nothing falls out of the shelves. The blankets lie folded at the end of the bunk.

It is necessary that this weekly control happens otherwise the teenagers would not be able to live in the cabins after a while. You know what I really adore, these numerous photos and the colourful hanging shelves with all kind of stuff, for example diaries, food and sweets.

All of them did bring a lot of sweets. Chocolate, chips and other little treats. The impressive thing is that all the things get eaten. Somehow the teenagers and even the teachers and the sailing crew always talk about food, mostly sweets. It must be something really good.

The sweets get traded like money. If you do something bad or you fall back to sleep instead of going to your watch you have to compensate it with a bar of chocolate. By the way I find it quite stressful that we never have time to rest. Even at night time the teenagers use us because they have to sail the boat. And these safety rounds where every hour a teenager must check the bilges in front of us. They always lean against me.

That is so true. We do have a tough life. But I must say our life is very exciting as doors of cabins on a boat that sails around the world on the oceans with 34 teenagers who are mostly in a good mood. Moreover I enjoy it to listen to all the different discussions, to experience the various characters and how all together handle with each other.

Do you remember, in the beginning they blamed the small bunks but now even three teenagers lie in one bed. They talk, hear music and eat chocolate. That is an example how quickly people get used to different things. Even at the cabin life. It is the same with us I guess, we also have to get used to how the teenagers handle with us ‚unimportant‘ doors. Maybe we need a little longer.

That is right, probably we simply should enjoy our lives as cabin doors on the Thor Heyerdahl like the teenagers, teachers and the crew do.