Have a “Bermudaful” Day! – A Guide Around the Island

Ben Re.

Author: Ben Re.
Date: 05.03.2019

Explore Bermuda. Extremely expensive prices, beautiful nature and amazing locals. The small island is a hidden gem, so do not miss out on this adventure. However, you may have noticed that we are not the average tourists. So watch out! You get to experience a tour… the KUSi way!

St. George’s

Visit the small village in the North of the island and be impressed by the town hall and the small harbour nearby. A special point of interest, the bay in front of St. George’s, is a must-see as well. The perfect-coloured water with different, for KUSis very interesting, types of ships, like other tall ships or research vessels. Get to know the nicest and most polite people I have ever had the opportunity to meet and enjoy interesting conversations e.g. about the price of chocolate. Furthermore, just as a hint: If you wear your offshore-weather gear it is a really good starting point of conversations, as they are all super interested in sailing and the nautical world. You can find us with our tall ship here every year. And if you come via the sea you will maybe notice the marks KUSis of former years have left on the water side of the dock.


The capital of Bermuda is only 45 minutes by bus away from St. George’s. The highlight for KUSis is the big supermarket located in the town centre near the main bus station, but there are other points of interest for KUSis as well. For instance, the popular souvenir shops where our favourite Bermuda-Hoodies are sold. Another point of interest KUSis of this year could recommend is a bike rental shop near the harbour front, where rather high-priced bikes can be rented for the day. One of many possibilities you might choose is a bike tour to the dockyards in the far South of the island. Take the overgrown railway trail to Gibb’s lighthouse, stop at the Horseshoe Bay, a perfect scenery for some pictures to show back home, and finally learn something in the maritime museum about the dockyards. Then, take the super-fast ferry on your way back to Hamilton or St. George’s and feel the salty breeze in your face, while seeing the beautiful scenery from the sea.

The Sea

Go anywhere on the island, and it is difficult to not see the sea. Left or right, in front of you or behind you, it is always there. You will always see the water, with probably about 2000 different colors! KUSis know what it is like, the sea all around you, but even for us the water was something special. Amazing beaches go all around the island, and because the tourist season had not yet started, they were all empty. The cliffs are covered in natural life, and it shows the true beauty, which you can enjoy with a breathtaking view of the sea.

In the end you will have to leave, but do not be disappointed – you can return someday and enjoy all of it again!